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What are my feelings about retirement?

You've worked hard and now you’re at the point of wanting to take it easier. Perhaps you should replace the word ‘retirement’ with ‘transition’. Let us help you plan for the life you want after work.

In the UK our adult life is typically divided into work and retirement. In Okinawa (where life expectancy is among the highest in the world) there isn’t even a word for retirement. Instead there is simply ‘ikigai’ which essentially means ‘reason for which you wake up in the morning’ Will you have enough money to fulfil your hopes and dreams later in life? Have you set goals for yourself to recognise and celebrate this phase of your life? You have a lot to look forward to. Let Coleridge Capital put the right plan in place to help ensure you enjoy life after you stop working.

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Is it time for me to stop working? How do I plan for long term care

Asking questions is the first
step towards your future success

Is it time for me to stop working?

When you save for retirement, you are saving for your future lifestyle. But how confident are you that you'll achieve the retirement you want? It’s also a time to plan what your future looks like. Where will your money come from? How will you continue your financial wellness once you stop working? Will your investments work hard for you and minimise a future tax liability?

How do I plan for long term care in my retirement?

The mere thought of health care costs when planning for later life can be concerning, especially when you consider a longer life expectancy. Will your retirement provisions take this into account?

How can I pass on my wealth tax-efficiently?

You have worked hard to build your wealth. Having built up your business or wealth, you’ll want to ensure that it is passed on to the next generation in your family. How will you ensure effective wealth succession while maintaining sufficient financing for your day-to-day needs?

Achieving your financial objectives

Wealth is a way to achieve your goals and realise your dreams. Whether you are in the accumulation phase of wealth building, nearing retirement or planning your legacy, Coleridge Capital will help you achieve your financial objectives. Whether you are clear on your financial priorities or feel you need to discuss some options, we’ll work with you on your financial plans and help you to realise your ambitions.

Let’s take the next step together

If you want to benefit from ideas from more than a single asset management team and see how an independent whole of market approach can work for you, your family and business, please contact us – we look forward to hearing from you. We are unbiased, have no conflicts of interest and receive no commission from the worlds leading asset managers who will help us manage your risks and improve your chances of meeting your objectives.

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